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Paul and Rainey – Rollerblade Wedding beats Lockdown before midnight

Paul & Rainey

18th November 2020

On Wednesday 30min after the state government announced the state would be going into lockdown, I received a phone call from Paul.  He requested that the wedding scheduled for Saturday 21st Nov 2020, be pushed forward to tonight just 4.5 hrs away to avoid the bans on weddings during lockdown. I agreed and the wedding made the Advertiser, Herald Sun and other publications.

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This is their next day email.

Rainey and I just wanted to thank you once again for marrying us at such short notice, going out of your way to help us, and doing such a wonderful job with our wedding.
We had such a great wedding and it all pulled together perfectly within 5 hours of planning from start to finish. We even made Australia wide news today with this above article somehow ending up on news.com.au, The Australian, and the Herald Sun.
Thank you once again you really made our day and made our wedding so special. We’d both highly recommend your services in the future. Thanks again Paul and Rainey x

Kelly & Nathan

Kelly and Nathan

February 2014