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Krystyna had been recommended to us so we approached her to perform our wedding ceremony.

We were not your average couple. We were same sex and we were older. The ceremony was at a private home before a dinner party for ten family members and most of them had no idea what was about to happen.

Krystyna ticked all the boxes. She put us at ease from our first meeting. Explained the process. Listened to our requirements. Gave us options. Did all the paperwork.

On the night everything went perfectly. Krystyna made a grand, unannounced entrance and strung the guests along before revealing why she was there. The ceremony was relaxed and light hearted. Krystyna interacted with the guests and they all felt that they were involved in the ceremony.

She was full of fun and enthusiasm, but she was also genuine and sincere. Everyone had a great night.

Thank you, Krystyna.