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Marriage Forms

Marriage Forms

Notice of Intended Marriage

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) needs to be completed up to 18 months prior to the marriage and no later than one month before the ceremony. Legal requirements state that you must be over 18 years of age and not be currently married to any other person. The NOIM form will be checked and signed at our first meeting.

At this first meeting full birth certificates are required for verification, ie. original or copy of the original birth certificate. To apply for a Birth Certificate in South Australia visit Births, Deaths and Marriages.

In the case of a previous marriage evidence of divorce is required. If previous partner is deceased, a death certificate is required.

Statutory Declaration

The Form 14 Declarations may also need to be signed closer to the wedding date. This is a declaration stating that there is no legal impediment to the marriage.

Certificate of Marriage

Signing of Certificate of Marriage
On your actual wedding day, you will sign the Marriage Register and the Certificate of Marriage. After the ceremony, documents will be forwarded to Births, Deaths and Marriages.

The Certificate of Marriage with your unique number on back, will be presented to you on your special day. Two witnesses over the age of eighteen are required to sign the certificates on the day.


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