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Ceremony and Rehearsals

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The Marriage Ceremony


A Marriage ceremony needs to depict the essence of what is important to you as a couple. No two marriage ceremonies are the same. Some prefer a simple style of ceremony, whilst others prefer ceremonies that reflect their cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Significant symbols and rituals may also be incorporated. Different venues, guest numbers, bridal party sizes, are just some of the things that make every marriage ceremony unique.


Allow me to help you create a marriage ceremony that fulfils your needs. Couples are provided with an outline of the ceremony structure. You will view an extensive choice of ceremonies. Guidance and support will be given in the creation of your own.


A professional approach is paramount to the smooth running of the ceremony. Presentation, content and articulation make the world of difference to a positive, memorable outcome.


At the end of the ceremony you will receive a presentation folder containing a copy of your ceremony and a copy of your Certificate of Marriage.




Marriage Rehearsals


Rehearsals are an optional service. Some couples prefer a rehearsal at the actual venue, which incurs extra cost, but most couples choose to go through a running plan where details of standing positions and ceremony structure are drawn up and  discussed. Members of the bridal party are clearly informed on where and when they are required to fulfil their particular roles in the service. These details will be discussed one week prior to the ceremony.


Renewal of Vows


Couples who marry in other countries quite often wish to share the experience with family & friends in their own country. Also, married couples who wish to proclaim their love commitment to one another choose to renew their vows. Many couples have stated that it strengthens their relationship and their resolve to remain connected.




Marriage ceremonies may be conducted in a variety of venues.  Some of these include:


  • Parks
  • Gardens
  • Functions Centres
  • Beach
  • Hills
  • Countryside
  • Backyards
  • Yachts
  • Ships
  • Planes
  • Krys Noah - CMC
  • Krys Noah - CMC
  • Krys Noah - CMC
  • Krys Noah - CMC